provides consumers with a simple web-based solution to easily find homes by area and date that are being held open by FMLS members. is a service provided by First Multiple Listing Service, Inc.(FMLS), which enables our member companies and agents to advertise Open Houses of their listings to the public via the Internet. is owned by First Multiple Listing Service, Inc, which is the premier data services provider for real estate professionals in Georgia. FMLS was founded by a handful of real estate brokers in Atlanta in 1957. Membership has increased and spread in every direction throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area and beyond, covering most of the state of Georgia. Today FMLS services over 2,000 offices and in excess of 40,000 real estate professionals. The FMLS listing database contains over 45,000 "For Sale" listings located all over Georgia. A network of computers, servers and third party support vendors enable all member offices and agents to have immediate electronic access to all listing information maintained in the FMLS premier web-based system, 1st Connection. In addition to property data, most listings are enhanced by the use of photos, and in many cases, even virtual tours. The website service is tied directly to this network and the 1st Connection database.

FMLS is committed to providing state of the art tools to its members to facilitate the buying and selling of properties. is one of these tools and a convenient means for FMLS members to advertise Open House listings to prospective home buyers.

Buying and selling Real Estate is one of the most important decisions people make in their lifetime. Choosing an FMLS Member to handle your real estate needs is the best decision you can make. Any of our Top-Notch Brokers and Agents stand ready to serve you.